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Moon Tide Healing

services by moon tide

Each month, without fail, the Moon provides Light and Darkness.

Each day, without fail, the Tide provides High and Low.

Together they create movement within our Soul that only we can hear and only we can control. Healing, therefore, is a personal commitment and experience only we can contain.

Here at Moon Tide Healing we provide a safe and sacred space for you to experience your personal healing with the help of multiple healers/practitioners. It’s not “one size fits all” here. We listen to our client, hear beneath their words and work with them to create healing within the psyche. Healing is a natural part of life and can be miraculous.

Psychic & Mediumship

All I ask is that you approach with an open mind and heart.  Fear
will block results and a frivolous attitude will do the same. I offer 1 hour readings either outside or in my space. 

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