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Elaine Lilley

My style revolves around empowering you to discover who you truly are while creating a working framework for your life.

- Psychic/Medium/Tarot card reader

- Marina owner with my husband, Dan, for 23 years 
- Creator of Empowered Inspiration Tribe for Women

- Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach from The Institute of Integrative             Nutrition
- Certified in Digestion from Functional Nutrition Lab
- Certified in Hormonal Health from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition
 -Full Mesa Carrier via The Four Winds Light Body Shamanic School
- Certified in Akashic Records
- Energy Healer: Reiki, IET, and Shamanic Practitioner

- Graduate of The Spirit Junkie Certification with Gabrielle Bernstein
- Volunteered with The Battered Women’s Shelter in Portland, ME
- Volunteered with Ingraham Volunteers crisis hotline

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